CoHort Liquidity Mine Campaign tutorial

What is Conflux? What is MoonSwap? What is ShuttleFlow?

Conflux, the only state endorsed public, permissionless blockchain project in China, Conflux Network is an open-source, layer-1 blockchain protocol delivering heightened scalability, security, and extensibility for the next generation of open commerce, decentralized applications, financial services, and Web 3.0. Conflux Network is overseen by a global team of world-class engineers and innovative computer scientists, led by Turing Award recipient Dr. Andrew Yao.

MoonSwap is a Next-Generation Cross-Chain Protocol for DEX, supported by Conflux Network, providing “High-Speed and 0GAS” AMM Experience with our Ethereum Layer2 Solution.Users at MoonSwap can get a variety of benefits including Liquidity Provider market-making Profits, MoonCake Profits, and Yield Farming Profits. MoonSwap also supports NFT trading.

ShuttleFlow is an asset cross-chain protocol running on Conflux, which supports Conflux-Ethereum and Conflux-BSC asset cross-chain.

How does ShuttleFlow work?

When ERC20 assets are transferred cross-chain to Conflux, they are transferred to an Ethereum address assigned by the Cross-Chain Alliance. The original ERC20 assets will be sent into the multi-signature contract in the custody of the Cross-Chain Alliance via ShuttleFlow. The Conflux address corresponding to the Ethereum address assigned by the Cross-Chain Alliance will receive the CRC20 cToken minted according to the ERC20 tokens at a ratio of 1:1.

When withdrawing CRC20 assets out of Conflux, users need to fill in the recipient address of the ERC20 tokens and the CRC20 cToken will be burnt by ShuttleFlow. The corresponding amount of ERC20 assets will be sent to the recipient address from the multi-signature contract in the Cross-Chain Alliance’s custody via ShuttleFlow.

How to transfer tokens to Conflux via ShuttleFlow?

It should be reminded that you can also transfer ERC20 tokens to Conflux through the MoonSwap page, and MoonSwap uses ShuttleFlow’s API, so when you cross-chain assets in MoonSwap, you actually use ShuttleFlow.

You can complete asset cross-chain in ShuttleFlow, more tutorials:

Please be aware: due to the upcoming Hard Fork upgrade of Ethereum, the shuttle-in function of Ethereum’s native ETH through ShuttleFlow will temporarily be suspended (Other ERC20 tokens on ETH won’t be influenced.) The new version of ShuttleFlow is expected to upgrade and launch on April 19th, 2021.

You can complete asset cross-chain in MoonSwap, more tutorials:

Your can complete asset cross-chain in MoonSwap APP, more tutorials:

How to participate in the CoHort Liquidity Mine Campaign?

First, you need to hold cToken, please read “How to transfer tokens to Conflux via ShuttleFlow?”

MoonSwap is an AMM DEX, and you can earn profits by providing liquidity for MoonSwap.

For how to add liquidity in MoonSwap, please check the tutorial:

You can provide liquidity for cDPI-cUSDT, cNIOX-cUSDT, cSPICE-cUSDT, cRAMP-cUSDT, cMTLX-cUSDT on MoonSwap, then you will receive the corresponding MLP token.

Liquidity mining tutorial:

What are the rewards of CoHort Liquidity Mine Campaign?

1. ShuttleFlow NFT

During the event, transfer $MOON, $Spice, $RAMP, $DPI, $MTLX, and $NIOX to Conflux through ShuttleFlow or MoonSwap. Whenever the transfer amount of a token reaches $10,000, the user can get one NFT. We have prepared 6 types of NFTs, and each address can get up to 1 of each type of NFT. The NFT can be traded on the MoonSwap NFT market.

2. Liquidity Provider market-making Profits

There is a 0.3% fee for swapping tokens, among them:

0.25% is allocated to liquidity providers. After the liquidity provider adds liquidity to a certain token pair in MoonSwap, he/she will receive MLP tokens. 0.25% of MoonSwap’s total transaction volume will be sent to all liquidity providers as compensation.

The distribution of liquidity rewards is real-time, and it will be immediately invested in the liquidity pool.

In this process, the number of MLP tokens will not change, and the value of a single MLP token will increase. After the user removes the liquidity, the MLP token will be burned, and users will also receive tokens including liquidity rewards.

MLP Tokens are not speculative tokens to be traded. They are merely an accounting or bookkeeping tool to keep track of how much the liquidity providers are owed.

3. Multi-Token Rewards for Yield Farming

Stake MLP in CoHort Mining Galaxy, users can get CFX, cMOON, and the corresponding project team Token.

4. Trading contest rewards

In parallel with the yield farming, there will be a trading competition held for all the cohort to encourage new volume and liquidity of Cohort wrapped tokens. Each of the 5 projects will provide USD $1,000 in their native token as a bonus for the top 6 users with the highest trading volume for that pair, the contest will last for one week in parallel with the active farm. Whichever pair has the highest trading volume over the contest will also receive a higher weight in farm rewards paid out in cMOON the following week.

During the competition, the top 3 traders of Project Token / USDT in transaction volume, are eligible to get:

First Place:$500 in tokens

Second Place:$250 in tokens

Third Place:$100 in tokens

3 runner-up prizes of $50 in tokens

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