ConFlux Galaxy Stop Mining

MoonSwap has been online for nearly 2 years, as a decentralized trading protocol, MoonSwap fully turn to community governance, and MOON will also continue to play a role in the MoonSwap ecosystem as a community governance certificate. We will also fully optimize Moon tokenomic, and accelerate the deflation process of Moon. Currently, the work done by the MoonSwap community includes:

MoonCake 2.0 stops mining;

MOON ECO DAO has been upgraded, DEV Team

burned and locked a total of 2,033,219.4 MOON;

NFT Planet stops mining, Genesis NFT and Consensus NFT are re-empowered, with community governance rights

Now the Conflux galaxy will stop producing mines, and the Yield Farming entrance will remain available for 30 days. Users can withdraw LP TOKEN, and continue to enjoy liquidity provider transaction fee rewards and increased voting coefficient; 0.3% of the transaction amount of MoonSwap is used as the handling fee, of which 0.25% belongs to the user who holds the LP, 0.05% goes to the Burn Hot Wallet. 3% of the handling fee charged by the NFT trading market goes to the Burn Hot Wallet.

The total supply of MOON tokens is 100,000,000, and the current circulation is 42,361,309.6MOON. The circulation supply will no longer increase, including that the MoonSwap DEV Fund address will no longer receive new Token distribution, and all new outputs will go directly to the Ethereum Dead Address. The MOON Tokenomic will be upgraded and optimized. At present, we have burned 2,199,451 MOON (677,739.8 MOON for the MoonSwap DEV Fund address, 7422 MOON for the NFT pool,21,449 MOON for the MoonCake2.0 mining pool, and 1,500,200 MOON for the fee income and joint NFT auction). In the future, the total amount of total deflation burning will exceed 60 million MOON.

Ethereum Dead Address: 0x000000000000000000000000000000000000dead

MoonSwap Website:




High speed, 0 GAS fee DEX with @ethereum and @Conflux_Network Now distributing $MOON to LPs Join us: &

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High speed, 0 GAS fee DEX with @ethereum and @Conflux_Network Now distributing $MOON to LPs Join us: &

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