MoonSwap:Announce ecological decision and adjust Genesis Mining pools!

MoonSwap has been online for more than 100 hours. During this time, the MoonSwap community is gradually being established. In the face of market changes and challenges, community members had a lively discussion with the goal of making the MOON eco more healthy and stable.

In the end, MoonSwap team adopted community opinions and made the following adjustments to the Genesis Mining Pools:

Total weight:102

Uniswap Galaxy

MOON-ETH(70x rewards)

SWRV-ETH(1x rewards)

YFII-ETH(1x rewards)

DF-ETH(1x rewards)

FOR-ETH(1x rewards)

SUSHI Galaxy

ETH-USDT(4x rewards)

USDC-ETH(4x rewards)

DAI-ETH(4x rewards)

YFI-ETH(3x rewards)

LEND-ETH(3x rewards)

LINK-ETH(3x rewards)

sUSD-ETH(2x rewards)

COMP-ETH(2x rewards)

SNX-ETH(1x rewards)

UMA-ETH(1x rewards)

BAND-ETH(1x rewards)

The weight adjustment operation will be carried out in Sep 15,13:08 UTC, due to the existence of 24h timelock, it will take effect in Sep 16,13:08 UTC

After the operation is completed, MoonSwap team will devote ourselves to the final preparations for Swap product testing and asset migration. Successful landing on the moon is our first goal!






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