MoonSwap biweekly weekly report (November 15st-November 28th)

MoonSwap community members:

Hello everyone! With the cooperation of our entire community, MoonSwap has also made some important progress in the past two weeks.

In terms of technology & products, MoonSwap completed two token destructions, totaling 20000cMOON

Ecologically,ConDragon for game maintenance

In terms of the community,MoonSwap promotes the process of community governance

MoonSwap completed two token destructions, totaling 20000cMOON

MoonSwap has completed 16BURNs, totaling 1,460,200 $MOON, accounting for 4.47% of the current Circulating supply.

More information:

ConDragon for game maintenance

Brave Dragon Warrior:

ConDragon will update the server at 21:00 on November 26. The game will enter maintenance status. The specific maintenance update time is: 21:00 on November 26–22:00 on November 26, if it is within the scheduled time The maintenance content cannot be completed, and the boot time will continue to be postponed. We apologize for the inconvenience caused to you warriors, and thank you for your support.

MoonSwap promotes the process of community governance

With the development of the MoonSwap community, MoonSwap community governance will enter the next stage to promote the globalization of the community and complete (DAO) community autonomy. It is also hoped that more people will join the MoonSwap community and contribute their own strength to jointly maintain MoonSwap. Community

At this stage, we will promote the establishment of a global community committee and a global technical committee


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