MoonSwap biweekly weekly report (October 4th to October 17th)

MoonSwap community members:

Hello everyone! With the cooperation of our entire community, MoonSwap has also made some important progress in the past two weeks.

In terms of technology & products, Tinyversus launched MoonSwap DappStore, and Tinyversus NFT also launched MoonSwap NFT trading market simultaneously.
Ecologically, ConDragon conducts game maintenance
In terms of the community, Tinyversus NFT auction and destruction activities ended, and INS3 community voting ended

  1. Tinyversus launches MoonSwap DappStore

Tinyversus is an innovative aggregated GameFi

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2. Tinyversus NFT has officially MoonSwap NFT trading market

he most delightful player in the Tinyversus,The first interactive NFT and each Panda is unique. Pangda NFT is limited to 2000 units in Conflux)

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ConDragon for game maintenance

Brave Dragon Warrior:

ConDragon will update the server at 21:00 on October 15th. The game will enter the maintenance state at that time. The specific maintenance update time is: October 15th 21:00-October 16th 2:00, if it is within the scheduled time The maintenance content cannot be completed, and the boot time will continue to be postponed. We apologize for the inconvenience caused to you warriors, and thank you for your support.

  1. Tinyversus NFT auction destruction event ends

Thanks to the Tinyversus team for supporting the MoonSwap community. The Tinyversus team donated 10 Panda NFTs to auction on the MoonSwap NFT trading market. The auction has ended, and the auctioneer’s revenue is 2669.58cMOON

Has entered the destruction of hot wallets, empowering the MOON ecosystem

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2. INS3 community voting ends

The INS community voting has ended, and the final voting results are as follows:

The number of “Yes” votes is: 2340 MOONPOWAH

The number of “NO” votes is: 0 MOONPOWAH

The total number of votes has exceeded 2000 MOONPOWAH, the vote is valid, cITFX-CFX, cITFX-FC meets the voting requirements, MoonSwap will be launched

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