MoonSwap has completed 20,200 MOON deflation! And the Fee adjustment has been completed

The MoonSwap team will continue to create deflationary scenarios and make $MOON develop in a healthier direction. At UTC 8am Oct 22, MoonSwap successfully burned 20,200 cMOON and completed the deflation plan. This part of the cMOON came from the sale of ConFi NFT in the MoonSwap ecosystem.This is also the second deflationary operation performed by MoonSwap. Previously, MoonSwap had burned 1.25 million MOONs.

Burned hash:

And, MoonSwap charges 0.3% of each transaction as a transaction fee, of which 0.25% will be issued to MoonSwap’s Liquidity Provider (LP), and 0.05% will be used to buy back $MOON from MoonSwap and burn it. Whenever the amount to be burned reaches 10,000 USD, burning will be executed once. The Fee adjustment has been completed.

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