MoonSwap Migration Roadmap Confirmed


1. What is timelock?

Due to the existence of the timelock, all operations on the contract will take effect after 24 hours. For users, this design is more secure.

2. Can I get back my assets after the timelock takes effect?

After the timelock takes effect, users cannot operate on assets until the migration is completed. Once the migration is completed, users need to click the Migrate Liquidity button to receive MLP Token. At this point, users can perform operations such as unstaking their assets. The migration is usually completed within a few hours.

3. Why stop mining for a period of time?

There is a sequence of migration to different pools, to ensure fairness, we will suspend the distribution of MOON before the migration starts. This part of MOON will be transferred to an hosting contract and will be released to users after the migration is completed.

4. What do I need to do during the entire migration process?

Most operations will be done automatically through the contract. Users only need to enter the MoonSwap website after the platform migration is completed, click the “Migrate Liquidity” button, and authorize the Metamask wallet and ConfluxPortal wallet in turn. Both wallets are necessary in this process and can only be operated in a PC browser.

5. What is the farm pools?

Currently, 10 MOONs will be generated in each block. After the migration is completed, these MOONs will be issued to users who stake MLPs in the Farm pools. Note: you must complete the “Migrate Liquidity” operation first, then your MLP will enter your Conflux wallet and be staked to the Farm pools.









High speed, 0 GAS fee DEX with @ethereum and @Conflux_Network Now distributing $MOON to LPs Join us: &

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High speed, 0 GAS fee DEX with @ethereum and @Conflux_Network Now distributing $MOON to LPs Join us: &

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