MoonSwap test version officially released

MoonSwap has flown smoothly over 50,000 Ethereum blocks, and successfully completed the Genesis Mining.

After the Genesis Mining, MoonSwap team started the first stage of cross-chain asset migration: Asset detection in the Ethereum Galaxy. The security of user assets is always the most important thing for us. We are particularly cautious about the cross-chain migration of huge assets. We have successfully completed the detection of the Ethereum Galaxy assets. And will enter the second stage of cross-chain asset migration: full deployment of cross-chain asset migration contracts and Conflux galaxy services.

In order to successfully complete this major migration, users need to install ConfluxPortal in advance. For this reason, we decided to release the test version of MoonSwap in advance. All users can participate in the test and prepare for the migration.

At the same time, MoonSwap will also launch “Bug Bounty”. Each BUG submitted is confirmed by the team can get 10~50 MOON as a reward, which is provided by MED. We have submitted the migration contract code to Github, and welcome community technical experts to assist us in reviewing the contract code.


MoonSwap exchange:

BUG submission link:

To participate in the test, you need to download the ConfluxPortal wallet.

The wallet download address:

Click “Test Faucet” in the upper right corner of the page to claim the test token.






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