MoonSwap:The new Conflux Galaxy Farm contract is upgraded for the first time, and the weight of the mining pool is adjusted!!!

MoonSwap decentralized exchange has been officially launched, becoming the first AMM DEX running on L2 in the world. Through cross-chain, users holding Ethereum assets can also enjoy the “high-speed and 0GAS” decentralized trading experience.Currently, MoonSwap mining has migrated to the Conflux galaxy. We will upgrade the Farm contract for the first time, adjust the weights of the mining pools, and give our supporters more incentives.

The adjusted weights are as follows:

Total weight: 100
MOON-ETH (75x rewards)
ETH-USDT (5x rewards)
USDC-ETH (5x rewards)
DAI-ETH (5x rewards)
YFI-ETH (1x rewards)
COMP-ETH (1x rewards)
LEND-ETH (1x rewards)
LINK-ETH (1x rewards)
BAND-ETH (1x rewards)
UMA-ETH (1x rewards)
SWRV-ETH (1x rewards)
YFII-ETH (1x rewards)
DF-ETH (1x rewards)
FOR-ETH (1x rewards)

The adjustment will take effect at UTC 4am Sep 26.





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