MoonSwap Weekly Report (April 19th to April 25th)

To MoonSwap Community

Hello MoonSwap community. Thanks to our collaborative work, the MoonSwap ecosystem has made some milestones during this week.

1. The First-Ever Multi-Token Yield Farming Campaign with MoonSwap and ShuttleFlow was launched

2. Three new assets listed on MoonSwap NFT market

3. New asset introduction: cFLUX-cUSDT and cFLUX-CFX are listed on MoonSwap

1. ConHero game officially launched

2. ConDragon game update

ConDragon upgraded the server last week. The updated content includes:

  • Optimized equipment attributes;
  • Optimized the game experience.

1. MoonSwap conducts AMA in Conflux English Telegram community

2. CoHort Member Series AMA is about to start

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