MoonSwap Weekly Report (Dec 7th to Dec 13th) |Cooperation with DFI.Money & Conflux Mainet Upgrade & ConDragon Airdrop Rewards & CFX-USDT Trading Competition

To MoonSwap Community

Hello MoonSwap community. Thanks to our collaborative work, the MoonSwap ecosystem has made some milestones during this week. Product wise, MoonSwap has reached a strategic partnership with DFI.Money(YFII) for Ethereum Layer1 assets management and allowed DFI.Money(YFII) to join ADA in order to create a prosperous DeFi ecosystem. To better motivate MoonSwap liquidity providers on MoonSwap, we have carried out a new round of mining weights adjustment. Then Conflux mainnet was upgraded for providing a better service last week. And Conflux assets are allowed to trade freely on MoonSwap.

Ecosystem wise, ConDragon airdrop rewards have been announced with a total of 1,351 dinosaur NFTs airdropped.

In the meantime, we held a CFX-USDT Trading Competition with a total of 3,000 CFX in rewards. We also initiated the Kepler Protocol FAQs to greet the official launch of Kepler Protocol.

Technical & Development Updates

On Dec. 8th, new round of mining weights adjustment to Conflux Galaxy was performed. This round of new adjustment of the Conflux Galaxy Mining Pool was the MoonSwap’s strive to better motivate MoonSwap liquidity providers last week.

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2. Conflux Mainnet Upgrade Announcement — Dec.11 to 12

From December 11th to 12th, MoonSwap temporarily closed the cross-chain deposit and withdrawal function of assets due to Conflux mainet upgrade. The upgrade started when the Conflux block height reached 3,615,000 on December 11th. Transactions and transfers within the Conflux chain were not affected during the upgrade. Meanwhile, the cross-chain protocol was also upgraded and maintained.

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3. MoonSwap V2 official website starts testing

In order to provide users with a better trading experience and provide support for multiple new features that MoonSwap is about to launch, MoonSwap will release a new version of its official website, which is currently in testing.

MoonSwap Ecosystem Updates

On Dec. 11st, MoonSwap has reached a strategic partnership with DFI.Money (YFII) for Ethereum Layer1 assets management to help users improve asset utilization efficiency and obtain higher investment returns. In the meantime, DFI.Money (YFII) formally joined the Asia DeFi Alliance (ADA) initiated by MoonSwap in order to jointly build a better DeFi ecosystem and create prosperity. DFI.Money (YFII) is a Decentralized Finance (DeFi) platform which aims to build products on aggregated liquidity provision, leveraged trading, automated marketing making, and more.

2. Conflux’s Partnership with MoonSwap on Kepler Protocol — Dec.11

On Dec. 11st, Conflux announced its partnership with MoonSwap on Kepler Protocol. Under Kepler Protocol, introduced by MoonSwap, users are allowed to trade tokens freely on Conflux network while earn yield on the origin chain, in order to optimize cross-chain assets utilization. Conflux NFT’s are also able to be purchased on MoonSwap.

Founded in 2018, Conflux is the only state-endorsed, permissionless and public blockchain project in China. Currently Conflux has raised $35 million in capital from prominent investors including Sequoia China, Metastable, Baidu Ventures, F2Pool, Huobi, IMO Ventures, and the Shanghai Municipal Science and Technology Commission. Conflux strives to power decentralized commerce as a scalable trust layer for a new world of DApps. So far, MoonSwap has been able to support assets on Ethereum and Conflux to trade.

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Events & Community Updates

ConDragon NFT rewards are officially released. MoonSwap Genesis NFT holds users to obtain A-level and B-level ConDragon airdrops. At the same time, MoonSwap Creation NFT will also play an important role in ConDragon’s synthetic gameplay.

2.CFX-USDT Trading Competition — Dec.8 to 11

From Dec. 8th to 11th, CFX Trading Competition has been held, consisting of two activities, Trade to Share Reward Pool and Transaction Leaderboard. Users enjoyed double rewards and shared 3,000 CFX.

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3.First Kepler Protocol FAQ — Dec.12th

On Dec. 12th, Kepler Protocol FAQs kicked off in the few days before the Kepler Protocol goes live with one question one day. The first FAQ was: Will mToken and cToken co-exist after the Kepler Protocol goes live? The answer is yes!cToken is the cross-chain asset standard on Conflux, so cToken can be used in all projects run on Conflux. No matter how the Kepler Protocol is designed, your cToken will not lose value.What users trade in MoonSwap is mToken. You can exchange mToken for cToken at any time, and you can retrieve cToken back to Ethereum at any time.

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