MoonSwap Weekly Report (June 7th to June 13th)

Hello MoonSwap community. Thanks to our collaborative work, the MoonSwap ecosystem has made some milestones during this week.

Development wise, MoonSwap & Kepler & Conflux CoHort Mining officially launched; Ancient Chinese Gods Genesis NFT listed on MoonSwap NFT Market.

Ecosystem wise, ConDragon and Conhero both had wonderful activities last week, GNA welcomed a new member: AirNFT.

Community wise, the MoonSwap Community Committee has initially completed its reorganization, and we still look forward to the addition of new members.

MoonSwap, Kepler and Conflux launched the 3rd phase of CoHort Mining. Participating in mining can get cMOON and CFX tokens. At the same time, the (mCFX-cMOON) mining weight is adjusted to 8, and users provide liquidity and stake MLP to share the prize pool with a total value of more than $40,000!

The token pair and rewards participating in this CoHort Mining are:

Token pair: mCFX-cMOON

Rewards: 4608cMOON and 10,000 CFX per day

Activity time: The block height reaches 39,790,500 to start the activity. The expected event time is from UTC 11AM on June 8th to 11AM on June 15th.

More Info:

Ancient Chinese Gods Genesis NFT has been officially launched on the MoonSwap NFT market. Users who make transactions on the first day of launch will be exempted from handling fees.

More Info:

Activity time
UTC 10AM 06/10/2021- UTC 10AM 06/16/2021

War Madman

  1. Participating in the game during the event has a chance to get NFT rewards
  2. The top ten players who participated in the game the most during the event will receive HeroNFT rewards (if the number of games is the same, it will be calculated based on the time of the last game participation, and the players who participated earlier will be rewarded), and the top 20 players in the weekly ranking You can also share a huge amount of cmoon rewards.

Note: Event rewards will be issued within three working days after the event ends

On June 11th, AirNFT joined GNA (Global NFT Alliance).

GNA was initiated by MoonSwap, and is committed to “Promoting the Wider Application of NFT”.

More Info:

MoonSwap Community Committee has initially completed its reorganization. Currently, there are 18 members in the community committee, and we still look forward to the addition of new members.

Community committee powers and responsibilities

1. Manage and maintain the community, answer questions with daily activity

2. Review and vote on the MoonSwap community proposal

3. Correctly guide users and prompt users to avoid risks

MoonSwap Community Committee welcomes you to join!

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