MoonSwap Weekly Report (Sep 6 to Sep 12th)

Hello MoonSwap community. Thanks to our collaborative work, the MoonSwap ecosystem has made some milestones during this week.

Development wise, MoonCake2.0 is officially launched, and the staked asset scale has exceeded 3,000,000cMOON; MoonSwap adjusted the mining weight and also upgraded the MoonSwap community governance plan.

Ecosystem wise, ConDragon completed game maintenance;

Community wise, the MoonSwap mining power community voting has ended, and the MoonSwap App promotion has also announced the winners.

MoonCake2.0 has been officially launched, and the current staked asset scale has exceeded 3,000,000cMOON.

Staking cMOON, claim Consensus NFT, the quantity is limited, first come first served, and at the same time, we will open the NFT planet for the first time, and we will support the MoonSwap airdrop for the first time. The Genesis Air and NFT will pledge, and the identity will also be linked to other ecological projects to hold joint NFT activities.

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MoonCake2.0 Guide:

Introduction to Consensus NFT:

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The MoonSwap community voting has ended, the mining weight adjustment has been completed, and the adjustment results are as follows:
mCFX-cMOON: 5x to 7x
NFT mining planet: 1x, new
cUSDT-cMOON: 1x, new

cETH-cMOON: 66x to 68x
cETH-cUSDT: 8x to 7x
cETH-cUSDC: 4x to 3.5x
cETH-cCOMP: 3.5x to 3x

NFT Mining planet tokens, first will be entered into a hot wallet, we will inject the tokens into the mining pool when the first batch of Consensus NFT is produced, and start NFT mining planet activity.

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In order to make MoonSwap community governance more fair and convenient, we have upgraded the existing governance plan. The updated content is as follows:

1. The voting rights of cMOON in the wallet: coefficient: 1
2. Added voting rights to support MoonCake2.0: coefficient: 1.5
3. Voting rights of cMOON-cETH; coefficient: 2
4. Added voting rights to support mCFX-cMOON: coefficient: 2
5. Added voting rights to support FC-cMOON: coefficient: 2
6. Added voting rights to support pMOON-cMOON: coefficient of 2

For example:
User A has 10,000cMOON in his wallet, wallet factor: 1
Then: √(10000x1)=100

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ConDragon carried out game maintenance:

Brave Dragon Warrior:
ConDragon will update the server at UTC 13PM on September 10th, and the game will enter the maintenance state at that time. The specific maintenance update time is: UTC September 10th 13PM-September 10th 15PM.

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The 1st Anniversary of MoonSwap is coming. After more than a year of development, MoonSwap has gradually grown from an AMM Trading protocol to a Full Ecological Protocol Cluster. Including the comprehensive ecology of AMM (uniswap) + NFT platform (Opensea) + Gamefi + Financial Management, we will continue to cultivate in Conflux and make many innovations. At the same time, we will continue to advance in the underlying infrastructure services. Thanks to MOON global community users for your continued support to the Moonswap development team.

When Moonswap 1st Anniversary and MoonCake2.0 is coming online, a new step will be started, NFT Planet Mining activities will be launched, for the first time, Moonswap will be airdropped to the Genesis and Consensus NFT formining, and follow-up will also be held in conjunction with other ecological projects and joint NFT mining activities.

In order to promote the development of MOON Ecology, we will make some adjustments to the MoonSwap mining weight, so we will decide the adjustment of the mining weight through community voting. The adjustment details are as follows:

mCFX-cMOON: 5x to 7x
cUSDT-cMOON: New, 1x
NFT Mining: New, 1x
cETH-cMOON: 68x to 66x
cETH-cUSDT: 8x to 7x
cETH-cUSDC: 4x to 3.5x
cETH-cCOMP: 3.5x to 3x
When the voting result exceeds 3000 MOONPOWAH, the voting result is valid.

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This week’s event has been settled, and the list of award winners has been announced.
Congratulations to the friends on the list. Don’t be discouraged if you are not on the list. Take an active part in the next activities and get rich rewards.


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