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Finally, we are here again.

Featuring high-speed and 0 GAS trading experience, MoonSwap is the world’s first AMM DEX running on the Ethereum Layer 2 solution. It has been in1 stable operations for more than two months and saved more than 1 million USD in GAS fee for users. Now, MoonSwap is working hard to release our Kepler protocol soon. We will have in-depth collaboration with othe projects including Harvest in Layer 1 asset management, aiming to increase users’ asset utilization rate to 100%. More info about Kepler Protocol:

We will also take full advantage of the high-speed and 0 Gas trading experience provided by MoonSwap, to create a prosperous MoonSwap ecosystem. To learn more about MoonSwap, please visit :

MoonSwap strives to provide the great DEX trading experience to as many users as possible. Hence, we initiated the Super Voyager Program and would like you to join MoonSwap community building.

Calling for Super Voyager

Do you have a lot of friends who are also interested in crypto? Are you good at initiating an interesting conversation and keep everyone engaged? Most importantly, do you like MoonSwap and believe in our vision and advocates? Well, we need you!

To be a Super Voyager, you need to:

1. Invite at least 100 friends to join MoonSwap Discord group and follow MoonSwap Twitter every week with your exclusive invitation link.

2. Get the community engaged by initiating conversations about MoonSwap.

3. Show us a seed members list with at least 5 people every week, who are actively involved with the community activities, believe in MoonSwap’s vision and value, help get MoonSwap’s news out, and build the MoonSwap community. MoonSwap will distribute extra 200 cMOON rewards for outstanding 5 seed members every month.

4. The basic monthly salary of Super Voyager is 1000cMOON, when Super Voyager and seed users make additional contributions (including but not limited to: external cooperation, video or articles and other media content production), rewards will also increase.

If you are interested in this, please go to Discord and contact Harvie#8827

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